Youth and Adult Face Coverings

Design Templates

Download the mask design templates here.

Eco Face Covering

Youth Eco Face Covering

Premium Face Covering

Youth Premium Face Covering

2-Ply Face Covering

*Limit 100 boxes per customer for standard lead-time. Bulk orders will have additional lead-time.
CDC Face Covering Recommendations: Fit snugly, but comfortably across the face, secured with ear loops or ties and allow breathing without restriction.
Disclaimer: These masks are not N95 nor medical grade. They should not be used in any medical setting. GSG makes no warranties that the mask prevents infection or the transmission or viruses/diseases.

Resources to Help You Sell!

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• Drop in a customer's logo for a virtual sample

•Add your logo and contact information

• No GSG branding or part numbers

Face Covering Overview Video

Face Mask Production & Safety

 Face Masks with the Epson F570