To celebrate Payton's successful battle against Severe Aplastic Anemia and support Be The Match, we are excited to announce Payton Pink - a custom color of Siser EasyWeed HTV exclusively through GSG.  Proceeds from the sales will go directly to Be The Match to help others find their life saving bone marrow donor.

Payton's Story

In early 2018, Payton Granberry was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia (SAA) at the age of 12. Aplastic Anemia causes the body to stop producing blood cells and start destroying current cells which results in low red blood cells, low platelets and a low immune system. After trying blood transfusions and immunosuppression  therapy, it was determined that Payton would need a bone marrow transplant.

With the help of Be The Match, Payton found her perfect donor match. After many days in the hospital and over 250 needle pokes, Payton started her bone marrow transplant.  On August 16, 2018, Payton had her “re-birthday” and received stem cells from an unrelated donor. Since her transplant, she hasn’t been hospitalized or needed any blood products. We are inspired by Payton’s strength and positivity!

Payton is the daughter of Brandon Granberry, GSG VP of Operations, and Stephanie Granberry, GSG Credit Manager, and the granddaughter of GSG President Mark Granberry.



Payton Pink EasyWeed HTV

It's everything you love about Siser EasyWeed, but in an exclusive color that supports Be The Match!

Comes in 12" rolls or by the yard.  More information can be found on

Proceeds from your purchase will be donated to Be The Match.


Donation Update

Thanks to the generosity of our customers, suppliers and GSG family, we have raised over $18,500 for Be The Match! 

Thank you for your support and purchases of Payton Pink!

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Meet Payton Granberry

Payton is a vibrant and healthy high school freshman.  She loves theater, drawing and crafting.  When crafting with HTV, her favorite color to use is Payton Pink! 

Check out some of her favorite projects using Payton Pink:

How to Donate!

1. Purchase Payton Pink from GSG. 
Proceeds will be donated to Be The Match.

2. Make a monetary donation here or by contacting your GSG branch. 

Be The Match helps patients find their life-saving marrow donor and provides support throughout the transplant process.  Additionally, they manage the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world.  Be The Match was instrumental in finding Payton’s match.  To help others find their perfect match, you can donate or be added to the marrow donor registry.


Decor8 Podcast Featuring Payton

Payton will be a guest on the September 18th episode of the Decor8 Podcast powered by Siser . 

Tune in to hear more about Payton story and her favorite vinyl decorating projects.  You won't want to miss it!